Angelique Darding is a Dutch fine art photographer who has a story to tell. Her ongoing project Adriana Helena is at the core of her work: a photographic journey into the past and the future.  Adriana Helena are the names Darding received when she was baptised as an infant. Given names that represent the hopes and fears that have framed her biography. 

Adriana. The dark one.
Indisputably dark work, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. The anxiety disorder she carries with her, already from an early age, plays an eminent role in her life and work. Every image she creates, captures her daily reality.  

Helena. The light one.
A straw. As long as there is one to grasp at, nothing is lost. However dark it gets, there always seems to be a shimmering light somewhere. So, there is always hope and optimism to be found in her work, even when it is concealed in harsh images.

The project is the lifeline of her artwork, and a profound inspiration for other projects and ideas.   

Every photograph is meticulously composed. They present scenes, feelings and thoughts that kept and keep her trapped; her head is full of strong images that need a way out. Also, music plays an important role, as songs have guided her through times when she felt completely isolated from the world. Now, they inspire and intensify her work.  Every photograph is carefully contemplated - location, model and mood - and shaped into a ‘real’ image. It enables her to tell a story of a past and a future. 

The camera was her medium of expression already from an early age, being intrigued by the power of recreation that photography can hold. With every click, the camera brings her closer to reality. And through photography she can invite others into her world. Although it profoundly scares her, there is a heartfelt urge to put her work out for the world to see. The urge to break the taboo on psychiatric disorders. The urge to break the isolation. With every photograph she breaks the silence.